(Bad) Customer Service

I don’t know about you but I am SO glad it’s nearly the weekend, even though I’ve probably not been nearly as productive as some of you this past week.

Anyway, after much consideration I’ve decided that the focal point of this post is going to be ‘customer service’. Lately I have been noticing that I have been on the receiving end of a lot of BAD customer service. I don’t know what you would classify as ‘bad customer service’ but to me it equates to the server being preoccupied, unhelpful, blunt, rude, smug and it also includes things like talking on the phone whilst you’re meant to be serving a customer. Now, this is not a random rant about bad customer service in general; there is actually a reason why I have selected to write a post about my customer service experiences. So, let’s crack on with the explanation.

In the area that I live both ‘Next Directory’ and ‘ASOS’ use the same courier service, and I have never had any problems ordering from both websites in the past. However, lately problems are all that I seem to be having and it’s actually putting me off ordering anything that isn’t delivered via Royal Mail. Although, I have to say that it’s not either of the websites per se, it’s more the courier company that they use to deliver their goods.

A few weeks ago I ordered quite a few items from ‘Next Directory’ and when they were delivered the delivery guy didn’t even bother to ring the bell or knock on the door. No, instead he just chucked them over the side door of my house and my dad just happened to see the packages when he was throwing out the trash for the evening. Now, imagine if it had rained or the neighbour’s cat had got to the items before I did. I was quite pissed off to say the least, but on this occasion I decided to let it go because nothing like that had ever happened before.

About a week or so later my sister order something from ‘ASOS’ and this time instead of ringing the bell or knocking on the door, the same delivery guy just shoved her order through our small letter box. The whole package was crumbled and creased, I was sure that the dress inside would come out in a similar fashion. However, considering that this wasn’t my order, I decided to let it go (again). Although, I was growing more and more annoyed at this delivery guy!

Against my better judgement I decided to order a few more things online and to my dismay my order was delivered by the same delivery guy (I was contemplating not opening the door but I didn’t want my beautiful things to be chucked or shoved anywhere). This time when I opened the door he was talking really loudly on his mobile phone, presumably to his friend because he kept switching between English and Urdu. After a minute or so he looked up at me and asked me my surname. I gave it to him and I asked him for his full name, including the company that he worked for. This seemed to throw him because he looked startled and shocked, but I had seriously had enough of his shit (did I just say that? I think I did!) customer service. I mean my sister and I are paying for a service (in this case a delivery service), so we expect to receive what we’re paying for obviously. It’s not a difficult concept to grasp is it?

Once I had his details I logged a complaint and I am still waiting to hear back about it. It’s not only this one guy that has rubbish customer service skills in Leicester. I’ve seen it in quite a few of the stores I have visited like; Sainsbury’s on Belgrave Road, Tesco in Hamilton, and don’t get me started on some of the Indian stores on Belgrave Road because I think they are probably amongst the worst offenders of delivering bad customer service in Leicester.

Having worked in retail for quite some time I really don’t think it takes a lot to smile, be polite and to make customers feel valued. In fact, it’s good manners really because isn’t that how most of us have been brought up to behave whenever we meet someone new? Sometimes when I hear of stores closing down or struggling to attract customers it really doesn’t surprise me because some of them have such bad customer service that it was only a matter of time before their finances suffered. It doesn’t take a genius to work out that if you value your customers, your business will profit. If stores like ‘John Lewis’ can manage it, I am sure other retailers can too!

There is a good quote by Bryant H. McGill that reads:

‘Good manners are appreciated as much as bad manners are abhorred’.


There is also another quote that I have heard quite often over the years which goes:

‘Good customer service costs less than bad customer service’.


Have a great weekend!


About Priya Mahida

Creative. Love music, films and television programmes. Aspiring to work in marketing communications. I will move to New York City one day.
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2 Responses to (Bad) Customer Service

  1. I recently had a shockingly bad experience with FedEx here in NY where the associate sighed when I dictated a postal code to her as requested…”You’re very rude!” she told me. Excuse me? And this in front of her approving manager. Suffice to say they no longer get my business.

    My new book is about working retail; you might enjoy it!


  2. Leeds Gambler!!! says:

    I personally think ur next blog should be on what psycho fucked in the head Head Teachers do when they are on their school holidays? Other then think of reasons why they have failed in there lives (and marriages) and not try and blame other people for their mistakes, as denial is their worst enemy. You know what they say people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.

    Good blog miss mahida……some may say you touched a VERY LARGE, UGLY, HEAD BANGING, T-REX STUMPY ARM NERVE with this one but ooooooh well keep it up

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